About us

Due to our location, we arrange a variety of tours in and around Cusco,we promote and sell the magic destinations our country has to offer. We design and operate diversified services such as conventional and domestic tourism, adventure and special interest tours.

We specialize in making sure that you get the most out of your investment: the best value hotels; superior tour services; comfortable transfers and transportation; and an impeccable customer service.  We don’t aim for those that are solely budget travelers, but we focus on budget-conscious travelers who want the most value in their travel experience for a reasonable price.  Furthermore, we are extremely proud to assert we have the top testimonials in the South American travel market, and we are open to sharing the contact information of any client that has allowed us to publish his/her testimonial.  With Peru For Less, you get the real deal…every time!.

Customed Services:

We have highly personalized customer service, and you can always expect a detailed reply within one business day. You can count on our staff for: genuinely friendly service which is committed to a belief in sustainable travel; fast, detailed, and honest replies; recommendations for your trip; and more. We are completely focused on nurturing highly-satisfied clients who complete their travel experience feeling like they have received more than what they have paid for.

THE MANAGER: Clever after studying Administration and Tourims guide at the San Antonio Universite of Cusco.

OUR COOKS: We have excellent cooks (actually chefs) who will provide you with an incredible variety (and quantity). you will find a great variety of dishes and you can eat as much as you can!!
OUR PORTERS: (Hector,Jorge,Edwin,Martin,Luis,Ricardo)Porters who undoubtedly work extremely hard at their jobs they are consider such heroes . find more about them , You will see them on the Inca Trail nimbly running past you carrying all the equipment you will use – tents, tables and chairs, food, water etc. (On other trekking routes horses are allowed and therefore the porters and cooks do not carry all the equipment.) now prohibited by law from carrying more than 25kg of equipment (20kg – agency supplies, 5kg – personal allowance). They are weighed at a number of points on the Inca Trail in order to ensure that agencies are adhering to this law. This means that more porters are now employed than in the past and each porter carries less – there is, on average, one porter to every trekker.

OUR OFFICE STAFF::Eddy,Clever,Leo,Jorge,Manuel work in the office and they are always ready to assist you (in Spanish and English) with detailed information on tours, places to go and what to do and see.

We are located in South Amercia Perú-Cusco Av. el Sol 948 Office 324 Clik here to see location map


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